• Brand New Night vision driving glasses---driving safely

  • Driving at night is more dangerous than daytime driving, especially when oncoming headlights are very bright. With our Night Vision glasses you will not only cut the glare but also the risk of accidents it will save your life and money especially troubles and it will be the one of the best investment you ever made gives you/or your loved ones a piece of mind. These glasses are much helpful when your eyes are fatigued from a long driving ( taxi drivers truck drivers..), and especially for older drivers whose night vision is not as good as they were. These specialized anti-glare glasses give you superior viewing in the dark by fittering blue light and preserving a natural balance of colors.They are also helpful in haze,fog or rain, giving you sharper contrast and details. When you cut down on glare your driving will be safer and more comfortable. Lens: yellow color, polarized PAIR OF ANTI GLARE NIGHT DRIVING GLASSES - WITH PROTECTIVE POUCH Price:A$30.00 includes postage within Australia
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